A Flower for your thoughts

We all love flowers…..

I know this may sound corny, but I love these felt floral hair accessories.  It looks easy, but they really are quite time consuming.  It is fun though cutting out different shapes and watching them form into florals……..and the colors……that is my favorite part of the felt.  It is almost as much fun as sewing a dress.  I guess it is another creative outlet for me, and one I get to share with my customers.  

Did I forget to mention how cute they are?  You can judge for yourself.

Look at these colors.  Beautiful.  I used pompoms in the center to keep the hair accessories lightweight and soft.  Perfect for our little ones.

Each Hair Accessory comes with a soft jersey elastic headband.  Use it as described, or as ponytail holder.  I will gladly make these smaller for infants and put them on alligator clips if necessary.  All you have to do is let me know.  I am also open in creating different accessories in different colors.  Just drop a comment below.  In the meantime, wishing everyone a happy weekend.

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