A little bit of fun

Some of you know by now, that my second love or hobby is photography. I am the person behind most of the shots on my website. I developed this love when my kids were still small and my husband was in Afghanistan and Kuwait. I love to learn new things, and especially anything creative. I had a ton of time, at night to watch Youtube, and read photography blogs. I also have to give credit to one of my best friends that I met at my son’s Preschool. She was a great photographer, and she gave me a ton of recommendations on how I could further educate myself. Of course, the kids were young, so I had a lot of motivation. I absolutely cherish the moments I captured. Remember back then I did not even have a phone. It is truly amazing how far we have come in technology.

This weekend, I was given the opportunity to shoot my daughter and some of her friends in downtown Pensacola, hours before her Homecoming. Can I be honest? It always gets me a bit nervous. I don’t shoot as much anymore as I used to when they were small. They are never home. LOL. Even if they were, I doubt they would allow me to walk behind them with my camera. However, I think I really caught some great shots. The girls arrived an hour late, and shooting in between buildings did not help with good lighting, but I am happy with what I got.

Olivia getting ready

Full of giggles and smiles, these ladies were so much fun. They also picked the location. It was gorgeous. A little dark, but obviously many girls going to Homecoming knew that this was the place to be for some lovely pics. How did I miss this?

All I can say is the next generation of women are going to be strong, independent, and smart. Spending three hours with these teenagers really impressed me. It is comforting to know that they represent the future.

  1. Brigitte Apel says:

    Thanks for sharing, beautiful young ladies and beautiful photos.

  2. Michele Haslemann says:

    Beautiful pics you captured of these gorgeous girls!!

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A little bit of fun