Acorns, Squirrels and welcome Fall!

I have been lying in bed at night for the last few weeks dreaming about finding the time to blog.  If you think that is odd, you are probably right.  To my defense, I cannot remember a time in the last 18 years where I did not write at least once a month.  This year I skipped several months.  Shame on me.  I realize that it is no fun to blog about nothing, which is the most likely reason I have not attempted to waste your time.  So I decided to look back at older blog posts, and realized that I did not have to create something new at the sewing machine to update this journal.  Instead, I decided to just let you know that I still exist, and I am still working, and…….well……here is what is new.

First of all, I am a mom and my oldest is a senior this year.  Can you believe it?  It has been a very busy year.  College applications, SAT’s, driver’s license, yada yada yada……..and when you add COVID to the mix, I think we are all somewhat tired.  I fall into bed at night and wonder when things are going to just calm down.  I cannot believe I am saying it, but life was so much easier with two toddlers.  Manageable.  LOL.  Well maybe not always.

Last but not least, lol…..I am getting older. I seem to have lost some of that energy that allowed me to sleep only 6 hours a night. My doctor always tells me to accept my age…..and everything that comes with it. Anyways, I hope everyone has had a wonderful October. Although I may gripe that my teens take up so much of my time, I love spending every minute with them.

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