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This year we want to make sure that we get all the embroidery designs done before we are flooded with orders, so in the hopes that we can manage it just right, we are asking all of our customers to order any Embroidered Easter Dress early…………..or before 2/15/2023. These embroidery designs are all done by […]

PreOrders for Easter Dresses – 2/15/23

January 22, 2023

Introducing a new handmade girls Easter dress by Kinder Kouture  –Bunny Tales in Pink. This lovely Easter print is set on a creamy background showcasing adorable bunnies in various cute scenes.  All colorful bunny characters are surrounded by florals, and honestly, it is so cute. The print is 100% cotton.  I decided to keep the dress […]

Bunny Tales

February 19, 2022

Hi Everyone! It is really unbelievable.  Easter is right around the corner.  Hard to believe.  Yup, we are booked through the most of the month of March.  We have actually spaced out our dresses so that we can add a few last minute dresses to our schedule.  The only thing I cannot control is the USPS, […]

Last Chance

February 28, 2021

Oh my….oh my…… Another new dress, and another new adorable print.  I  told you I was excited about sewing for the Spring.  Now you know why.   I am so in love with this new Easter Print full of rabbits, birds and butterflies.  It is simply sweet and childish, and just perfect.  It screams of spring […]

A Hop on Bunny Lane

February 19, 2020

I hope all of you are enjoying this new and exciting year as much as I have.  Although I have been rather busy sewing up dresses for customers, it has been a wonderfully relaxing month.  Time off for me means dreaming up new designs and ideas for future dresses.  I get to inventory my fabrics, which […]

February Faves

Heirloom Bunny Girls Dress Kinder Kouture

February 6, 2020

Welcome Taking a small break this morning to write about all the lovely things I have been working on  this month.  These are just a few of the hand embroidery samples we made combined with matching fabrics that we will post for Easter.  They are gorgeous right?  I mean how girly, and sweet, right? This […]

More Embroidery Fun

Easter Embroidery Kinder Kouture

January 6, 2020