February Faves

I hope all of you are enjoying this new and exciting year as much as I have.  Although I have been rather busy sewing up dresses for customers, it has been a wonderfully relaxing month.  Time off for me means dreaming up new designs and ideas for future dresses.  I get to inventory my fabrics, which believe it or not always gets me excited.  It is so inspiring to pick 2 or 3 fabrics, and envision a cute new design.

Heirloom Bunny Girls Dress Kinder Kouture

This year, I took the time to teach myself more about embroidery.  I tried to find machine embroidery designs that resembled hand embroidery, but nothing came close to the quality of hand embroidery.  I just love bullion roses, and the direction of each stitch in hand embroidery.   I practiced every night for more than two months, until I perfected the art, and I must say that I am quite pleased with the results.

One important note:  

I have no intention of selling these dresses in bulk.  I will gladly make sizes based on requests, but will most likely post these dresses in my Ready to Ship section.  Each embroidery design takes me about 3-4 hours, so I cannot promise delivery and do not want to disappoint anyone.  As always I will do my very best to make as many pretty dresses as I can.  I already have several different designs waiting next to my sewing machines.  So excited.  Once the dresses are finished, I will email everyone who subscribes to our newsletter.  

In the meantime, our first orders for Easter came in early.  We are already booked up for February.  So be sure to order before Mid March.  We are keeping our machines busy during this time of year, but we can only make so many dresses.  Thanks for stopping by.

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