Handmade Fall

Throughout the years I have always tried to design or create something extraordinary for Easter, Christmas and Fall. Two years ago, I decided to introduce hand embroidery in my dresses, and I could not be happier. The look of hand embroidered designs is exquisite. It’s old fashioned, and beautiful. Machine embroidery has no depth, and lacks the bold color compared to hand embroidery. I just really really love the look. It definitely grabs your attention.

Of course hand embroidery does take time, and thus cannot be produced in massive quantities. So I decided to offer at least five dresses. I would prefer to start on Christmas, but if you ask nicely, I am sure I can duplicate some of these designs. So here is what you do….

Pick a design. Pick a fabric. Pick a size.

Pick a Design
Pick a fabric
Pick a pattern.

So let’s get started with our new dress. Introducing the Fall Florence Dress. It is a classic flutter sleeve dress. Most of my customers will recognize the pattern and know how well it fits. I chose to make this dress in a size 5 and it will be Ready-to-Ship at $125.00.

It is really hard to believe that Fall is only one day away! I cannot wait for the temperatures to drop. This weekend was sooooooo hot here in Florida. Unbearable. I had the bright idea of wanting to wash my carpets in the driveway, and I had to go inside every 15-20 minutes because I just could not breathe. I am happy that I got the job done, but I am so looking forward to cooler temps. I love the Fall season.

I will be sewing up the rest of the Halloween dresses this week, and then I have to take a few days for my taxes, which I do twice a year. I am hoping to have some free time to finish up another Fall dress I have been working on. Stay tuned and stay safe.

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