Having a Blue Christmas?

One of our best-selling dresses for the Christmas season has been a German fabric in blue.  Yes BLUE!  I really always thought red was the Christmas color of all colors   …….    but no this dress has beat all the others throughout the years

We have sold through 45 yards of this fabric!!!!  So of course, once I knew I was OUT-OF-STOCK, I immediately looked to find some more.  Sorry, it’s gone forever.   But…….But……we did find a very nice new BLUE Christmas fabric from the same company.  

It is a different fabric, and will most likely require a different skirt or pattern, but it is exquisite……..and yes it entails gold metallic printed images.  It is truly elegant, and beautiful.   Combining it with a white cotton eyelet and a double skirt will make it just perfect for Christmas.  I also want to add sleeves.  Long or short?  Not sure.  Also thinking about a white collar, but I am not sure about that either.  I am a very visual designer, so until I see it on a mannequin, I cannot say what will happen.  LOL.

I am loving it so far….now I just need to find that extra day to get it done.  This weekend is out of the question.  I am heading to another college for a campus day with my son, but I am hoping for some Sunday Sewing fun.  

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