Petit Fleur

It has been a very busy week around here. New Dresses, Saying goodbye to friends, Babysitting two toddlers, a photography session, volleyball practice, and the to-do list goes on and on and on. LOL. So forgive me if I ramble for a few seconds.

I finally decided that I could afford two days off, and because of our lousy weather (lots and lots of rain), I managed to get in some sewing time and designed two new dresses from my recently photographed fabric line. Yes, it was about time, but like I said in the past, May June and July are wedding months, and I get quite a lot of work for flower girl dresses and baptism dresses.

Anyways, we were also planning a beach photography session for our neighbors that had received orders to head up to Oregon. It was my goodbye gift to them. We hated to see them go especially since we knew these two girls from birth. As with all military families that we have befriended, we watched this family grow over the years. My daughter babysat the oldest, and then one day she babysat two of them, and just as a third child was due to arrive this fall, they finished flight school and had to go.

As a goodbye gift, I decided to put in some extra hours and make new dresses for a photoshoot that I promised mommy at the beach. The only problem was the weather. No matter what day I tried to schedule the shoot, it was rain, rain, and yes more rain. I seriously do not understand why they call Florida the sunshine state. Our summers are getting worse each year.

It was my son’s idea to just take the pictures inside the house. I do love to take my own pictures, but I have not had much luck with a studio set up or indoor natural light. So I pulled out the screen, and placed it in front of our windows, and we just went at it. The girls had a lot of fun, and mommy got a break, and we all got some really cute pictures.

Country Cottage Petit Fleur Dress

Let’s talk about the dress. I hope you like it………. It was just perfect for this blond little angel, and of course, it would have been beautiful in beach pictures as we had originally planned. I opted for a new pattern – Addison from Little Lizard King, which allowed me to make a dress without buttons and zippers. I just think in the summertime, elasticized bodices are the best for babies and toddlers, and of course moms. It comes very close to the fit that I use with my patterns, and I had the time to play with the design.

I just love it. I love the vintage look of this fabric, and the combination of crochet lace on the bodice, and white eyelet sewn in between these gorgeous layers of ruffles. This dress is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. It will be available in sizes 0-3mos-8yrs. If anyone would like a bigger teen size, please contact me at for further information.

Next we will be talking about our new Country Cottage Rose Dress.

  1. Kathleen E Gregory says:

    The dresses are beautiful. I hope I can get one or two.

  2. Jeannine says:

    Hi Kathleen. Thank you so much. I love the fabrics too. We don’t get to see such beautiful vintage floral designs too often, so I am happy that I bought the entire line. Come and get them and if you have any problems please email me or chat with me on my website.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

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