Summer Fun

Some of you may remember my older blogs before I started Kinder Kouture.  I blogged for many years about my sewing adventures, and my photography adventures.  Sometimes I just blogged about life and being mom, or traveling, or shopping.  I decided I missed reviewing some of my personal adventures, and it was time to start a personal blog again.  I am calling this blog “LIFE”, because life is rather simple if you just sit back and go with the flow.  I am not expecting any fans, or any comments.  I just wanted a place to share my thoughts, and my pictures.

I am ready for summer.  I love waking up in our new house, and seeing the sun shine through every window in our new house.  At times it is so bright, I can barely open my eyes.  Yes, we get a lot of rain in Florida, and yes it does get humid, but seeing the blue skies and the sunshine every morning is great no matter where you are.   It  just brightens your mood, gives you energy, and makes you feel alive.  When I turn around and look outside, I see our beautiful new pool, and I just feel like I am going to have a great day no matter what comes my way.  I am really very happy here, and so excited to experience our first summer in our new house.

The kids are out of school.  That means no stress in the morning.  No driving from one place to another.  No schedules.   I still work on orders, but the pace is a lot slower.  Thank goodness.  I actually find time to spend with the kids, and to read and most importantly relax.  That is not a word I use a lot lately.  Summer seems to lengthen the days, shorten the workload, and always gives me time to breathe.  After working for 8 months straight every morning, afternoon and night, I welcome the summer with open arms.  I finally find the time to sift through my fabrics, design new things, or work on some new pattern ideas.  I read, swim, play, garden and bake.  It is also the time I get to play with my camera and take lots of pictures.  I love my camera.  If I did not sew, I would definitely work harder to become a photographer now that the children are older.

Today, I took a drive with Olivia looking for a nice spot to shoot pictures of her in a new outfit.  I don’t intend to put this outfit in my shop, but it was a nice opportunity to snap some pictures, and spend some one-on-one time with my daughter. 

I was actually quite surprised when she asked me to make her some shorts this summer. 

Our shopping excursions were not very successful this year when it came to finding shorts she could wear to school.  Most of them were too short or included these elastic buttons in the waist, and she does not like anything too tight anymore. Over the last few years, she has rarely asked me to sew.  She has grown tired of the ruffles and the flutters and the dresses (so sad).   I blame the school system for that.  Wearing sneakers every day does not entice girls to wear dresses or pretty clothes.  Anyways, the shorts she requested are the same ones I have made for the last four years.  We made a few changes, but the Sailor Shorts fit and the length is perfect.  It is my go-to-pattern for shorts since she was 6.  I combined the shorts with a Tie-Dye-Diva Fair and Square Shirt.  She loved the fit. It is a loose fitting top with no elastic, and no sash.  Very easy and fun to make.   As a matter of fact, when I finished the top, she told me she wanted a dress now in the same fabric.  I guess I should be happy that she wants me to sew for her again.  LOL.

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