"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

Throughout the years I have always tried to design or create something extraordinary for Easter, Christmas and Fall. Two years ago, I decided to introduce hand embroidery in my dresses, and I could not be happier. The look of hand embroidered designs is exquisite. It’s old fashioned, and beautiful. Machine embroidery has no depth, and […]

Handmade Fall

September 19, 2022

And let’s not waste any time…….here is Dress #2 I am so excited to have finished these dresses, and was able to take pictures of these two little angels before they left to go to Oregon. I absolutely love their expressions, and of course how cute they look all dressed up. It was so much […]

Country Cottage Rose Baby Dress

July 27, 2022

It has been a very busy week around here. New Dresses, Saying goodbye to friends, Babysitting two toddlers, a photography session, volleyball practice, and the to-do list goes on and on and on. LOL. So forgive me if I ramble for a few seconds. I finally decided that I could afford two days off, and […]

Petit Fleur

Petit Fleur Country Cottage Baby Dress by Kinder Kouture

July 23, 2022

Welcome to our new Kinder Kouture WordPress/Showit Blog! I am beyond excited to dive back into a blog that is fun and pretty and full of gorgeous pictures again. It has been four years since I had to delete my entire hosted blog from 2006 after being hacked. My hosting company worked hard, but they […]

NEW journal!

Cottage Linen Closet Fabric at Kinder Kouture

July 3, 2022

Oh my….oh my…… Another new dress, and another new adorable print.  I  told you I was excited about sewing for the Spring.  Now you know why.   I am so in love with this new Easter Print full of rabbits, birds and butterflies.  It is simply sweet and childish, and just perfect.  It screams of spring […]

A Hop on Bunny Lane

February 19, 2020